Turkey, an important segment of the Alpine-Himalayan tectonic belt, hosts notably diverse mineral deposits.In Turkey, especially in Anatolia, mineral exploration and mining facilities of these deposits for metals and raw materials dates back to ancient times.

Therefore, Anatolia has pioneered many civilizations up till now. Turkey has the largest prospective land area in Europe. However, the complex geologic structure of Turkey makes it more difficult for mine exploration and mining facilities. Despite this, Turkey is one of the few countries which can provide most of their raw materials.
In Turkey nearly 60 types of minerals have been produced. Turkey is in the 10th place throughout the world according to mineral variety and 28th for its production of underground resources of 132 countries. Only 13 of all the 90 minerals traded all over the world do not exist in Turkey. These minerals do not have enough quality and quantity to be exploited. 50 types of minerals are found adequately but 27 types of minerals lack the desired quality and reserves for exploration. Moreover, Turkey has 2.5% of the industrial raw material, 1% of the coal and 0.8% of the geothermal and 0.4% of the metallic mineral reserves of the world. It also has a significant potential for natural stone. Turkey’s exportation of natural stone is in 3rd rank in the world, but 1st of the world in marble and travertine exportation.

As a Turkish mining company ; We provide all kind of mining products such ; Iron Ore – Chrome Ore – Copper Ore – Lead Ore – Zinc Ore – Byrte and Bentonite for drilling industry………

Sephiolite – Boron – Marble – Granite – Quartz – Furnace Slag & Grid for cement and light steel manufacturers

All this mining product we are providing direct from our mines; without any agents or commissionaires. We only working with end users / buyers.

JMC Group of Companies Mining & Industry. Co., Inc.

Mining operations have been carried on in various provinces and counties of the country since 2004, with 500 staff, annually:
* 1,000,000 tons of pit-run chrome ore,
* 500,000 tons of iron ore,
* 250,000 tons of lead-zinc-copper ore are processed

Our annual production capacity:
* 100,000 tons of chromium concentrates,
* 150,000 tons of high-grade iron ore,
* 300,000 tons of low-grade iron ore, and
* 15,000 tons of lead-zinc-copper concentrates.


Our company annually produces 1,000,000 tons of low-grade pit-run ore in Sivas . In addition, low-grade pit-run chrome ore is produced in our open pit and underground mine enterprises in Kayseri Enriched chrome ore is produced 46-48% grade Cr2O3 in our company’s own concentrated facilities is transferred to Mersin port to be distributed in land or exported.

Lead Zinc Copper

250,000 tons of low-grade pit-run ore obtained from Lead-Zinc-Copper field in Balıkesir is enriched to produce 15,000 tons of sulfide zinc-lead-copper concentrate in our flotation facility. Furthermore, 10,000 tons of oxidized lead-zinc production is made, every year, in our underground pit facility in Kayseri.


500,000 tons of iron ore is produced in our iron ore field in Balıkesir, every year. This ore is sized in our crushing-sieving facilities in the same location. High-grade ores produced thereon are sold to steel-iron plants where low-grade ore is sent to cement plants.